For those who love a Veteran

"Welcome Home" is just the beginning...

Perhaps you supported a veteran through his rotations in and out of war zones, perhaps
you met your new friend after he or she “came home”.  Whether you are a family member,
friend, neighbors, or other loved one your support "after combat" is crucial.

One of the many missions of Family of a Vet is to educate and empower those who love
Veterans.  You provide a place of support where they can laugh, cry, vent, and even joke
about what is really going on in their lives.  

First, We would like to say THANK YOU to you.  But, we also know that your life is difficult,
too.  We're here to offer support, information, and help during difficult times.

If you are the spouse of a Veteran, CLICK HERE for a page designed just for you.

If you have children, CLICK HERE for our "Little Heroes" page with resources geared
toward them.

Many of you contact us asking how you can help and what you can do to help your veteran
and or others who are affected by your Veteran's injuries or illnesses.  Here’s a beginner’s
list of things you can do NOW to help your veteran, yourself, and others:

  1. Learn – PTSD, TBI, and wounded soldiers need to you learn about what these things
    really mean.  Stretch yourself beyond the stereotypes and start to learn about what
    these really are and how to watch for signs in your friend or family member.  Learn
    how to provide a serene environment for a PTSD or TBI veteran so your home is a
    place that is safe and comfortable for them to live or visit.
  2. Do what you do best, be a friend or family member!  Don’t treat your veteran as if
    they are in a glass box.  Their likes and interests may have changed but they are still
    the person you love inside.  Find new common interests and be someone they feel
    they can honestly talk with.  Don't be judgmental.
  3. If you are new to your veteran’s life, understand that if your veteran has PTSD or
    TBI, this friendship will likely be very different from the others you have.  Give your
    new friend more “space” when they need it and realize that the emotional roller
    coaster you are witnessing is NORMAL.
  4. If you are new to your veteran’s family member’s life, understand that being an
    immediate family member of a veteran is an incredibly difficult job.  Do your best to
    help support the family members of veterans and their children.  Offer to take the
    kids to the park or bring over a casserole.  Realize that while your relationship will at
    times seem very one sided, you are infinitely appreciated for what you do.
  5. Once you have done your own research, EDUCATE OTHERS.  Reach out and help
    organizations that truly assist veterans.  The time you volunteer cannot have a dollar
    amount placed on it.  It is truly priceless.  Write to your congressmen and senators to
    support bills designed to help veterans and be an activist in your community.  More
    people are associated with the military than you can imagine.  We can move
    mountains if we will unite and fight for our veterans.
“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” Jose Narosky
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