FamilyOfaVet - Real world info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat
FamilyOfaVet - Real World info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat.

Current Volunteer Projects

Dropping off magazines at your VA Medical Center: This is a great way to reach out to
heroes and loved ones.  You may have gently-used magazines you've already read (or
have friends, family, members of your church or other groups that would be willing to
donate).  Or, we can give you information about where on the internet to get free (no
strings attached) magazine subscriptions. Then, we will send you labels
for you to place on the front of the magazines so that you can leave them the next time you
visit the facility.

Dropping off cards at your VA Medical Center or another
business that is military or veteran based:
 If you love near or regularly visit a VA
medical center or clinic, or know of a business that serves a lot of veterans or members of
the military community, this is another way to help us reach out to those we can help.  We
will send you cards (the size of business cards) to leave at the location.

Posting Fliers at Businesses, Community Centers, Churches, etc., Close to Home:  
 While we are using some "high tech" methods of reaching out to people, we're not above
old fashioned tactics!  One of those is old-style fliers with tear strips at the bottom.  If you
plan to work on this project, we will send you (by e-mail) a PDF file of a flier that you can
print as many times as you like (black & white or color).  Then we ask that you post it on
local community bulletin boards, etc.  Also, we will send you information about posting an
ad online for free locally on

Calling / Researching VA Medical Centers to Get Contact Information for Their
OIF/OEF Program:  
 This takes someone with a stomach for research and digging as
every VA system and Medical Center has a website that is set up differently.  There is no
centralized database of contact information for the OIF/OEF Program Offices.  We want to
change that.  This is one of the most helpful tools at the disposal of veterans of OIF or
OEF and their family members so we need to make it as easy as possible for them to use!  
Someone who works on this will need to first dig on the web and then double check by
phone to make sure they have all possible contact info (phone, e-mail, fax, mail, office
location, room number, etc.) for the OIF/OEF Program Office and all employees in the
Program Office in each Medical Center they decide to research.  We do not have this
information on many medical centers yet, so the field is pretty open.  As we begin to
compile the info, we will have a checklist of facilities that have already been completed.

Helping with Our Facebook Page: First, please CLICK HERE to head over to our
Facebook page if you haven't already and "like" us :).  We need help growing this vein of
outreach. We have one staff member acting as our Social Media Liaison and handling all
major outlets for us.  Obviously, we need more people!  This is an important method of
reaching out to the people who can benefit from our help.  We would like to have a good
core of administrators who are actively fanning page growth and fueling conversation.  But
if you're not interested in committing as an administrator, at the very least we need your
help keeping conversation going and helping get the word out about our FB page.

Writing articles for  As mentioned, our site has experienced an
explosion in requests (many of them downright pleas) in the last few months for more
information about topics we've already covered and for information about other topics
we've simply been unable to get to yet.  We are pushing hard to encourage our existing
writers to warm up their pens and to find new writers who feel passionate about helping
Veterans and their families navigate the problems and challenges of life after combat.  If
this applies to you, we'd love to have you as part of our team of contributors.

Expanding Our Blogs: has two blogs. One (
CLICK HERE to visit) which
is devoted to stories and thoughts from Veterans and those that love them.  It is meant to
serve as a window into the world of life after combat - a world which many of us often hide
(which makes others who are living through the same problems feel like they're the only
ones).  The other (
CLICK HERE to visit) is devoted to news and headlines that affect
veterans and their families. Since our all-volunteer staff is small, both blogs are in
desperate need of some caring people to "take charge".  If you're interested in stepping in
and agreeing to write for either blog, we'd love the help!

Our Media Room & Press Relations:  We need help brainstorming and developing the
contents of our virtual Media Room.  After it is developed, we need to develop and
implement a press strategy.  We are nearing the end of our congressional survey.  Before
we complete it, we need to have this in place.  This is one area where current FOV staff
members, though they have many talents, are incredibly lacking - but it's also one we are
well aware needs to be implemented in order to reach out to help more heroes and those
who love them.

For More Information About Volunteering, CLICK HERE

To Join Our Grassroots Team & Start Volunteering, CLICK HERE
Don't forget to take our Congressional Survey!
As little as 10 minutes of your time can help us make a difference in your life!!
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