FamilyOfaVet - Real world info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat
FamilyOfaVet - Real World info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat.
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This page dedicated to helping Veterans and their loved ones learn more about coping with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Real-Life Coping Skills for TBI

Pages in Our TBI Section:
What is TBI?  -  TBI Symptoms  - Recognizing TBI in Your Spouse  
Real-Life Coping Skills for TBI  -  TBI Websites

If you and your family are learning to deal with TBI (traumatic brain injury), we're here to
help.  There's no doubt that for those of us dealing with this "invisible" injury that life has
changed. But, if we're willing to adapt and learn together, we can build great (albeit
different) lives!

This section (obviously) is still being expanded. We know so much more is needed. We'll
post new articles as soon as they become available!!

Life Adaptations: How Technology is Your Friend

TBI Coping Skills From the Trenches (sort of)

Marriage Tips for PTSD & TBI Families

TBI - Science Experiment for Kids

VA Prescriptions: How to keep them organized, taken correctly, and filled on time!

Rockin' the Routine - Keeping a Routine to Keep Sane with PTSD & TBI

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our mission: to provide real world resources that help heroes and their loved ones survive & thrive in life after combat