FamilyOfaVet - Real world info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat
FamilyOfaVet - Real World info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat.
Online help for PTSD Symptoms? Really??

For those of you who are familiar with our site, you know by now that I (Brannan Vines,
believe that talking plainly about life in PTSD and TBI "world" is incredibly important, and
value the trust that our site visitors place in us above almost anything.

So the first thing I'm going to tell you is that, if after reading this information you
decide to
try the program (which I hope you do and you'll see why
below), is going to earn money.  We've set-up a fund-raising
sponsorship agreement with Clayton Stress.  But we WOULD NEVER have done so
(even though that $$ will go to help us reach out to more veterans and families) if it
had not have been for the following results from our own, independent trial!

Keep reading for information about the 50 FREE accounts we're giving away!

When I was first contacted by Clayton Stress about their online program for treating PTSD
symptoms I was... well... skeptical.  I live everyday with a veteran who has severe, "chronic"
post-traumatic stress disorder (the VA's words, not mine).  I've spent many years now
working with and talking to veterans and families from around the country and around the
world that live every day with it's life-altering effects.  So, for someone to tell me that there
was an online program that helped alleviate PTSD symptoms that
actually worked... I
thought the whole thing sounded too good to be true!

I thought that some of our site "family" members (volunteers, many of whom I've known for
years) would try the program and prove it didn't work.  Well, I was wrong!  Tough guys...
combat vets who are more than willing to call bull sh** when needed (and even just for
fun)... came back to me impressed with the results.  

Here's what some of our trial volunteers had to say:

"It was surprising the amount of immediate relief available through the exercises
available at Clayton Stress.  I was impressed with the assistance it offered in
helping me to calm down and relax."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 80% disabled.)

"At first the whole thing felt weird, but I just decided to go with it.  After all, what did I
have to lose?  I was at home, on my own, and it was going to take me ten or fifteen
minutes to try.  I followed the directions and picked something that happened in Iraq
that really gets to me.  I couldn't believe it actually helped.  It ended with me feeling
less pissed then normal about what happened and that is still the case weeks later.
That might not sound like a big deal, but it is."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 100% disabled)

"I found it really hard at first to get through the session.  It was hard and kind of
stressful to try to recall the trauma while focusing on the moving light.  But, I was
surprised to find out after I completed the session I felt calmer and more relaxed.  
The same thing happened after my second session.  I recalled the same trauma
both times and I'm still calmer about that trauma.  Progress is a good thing."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD and TBI)

"The ability to create a calm environment through a virtual terminal was new to me
but I have to say it worked well!  It was a wonderful experience to find solace there
when it couldn't be found elsewhere."
(Veteran Wife with PTSD, STS, and TBI)

Would you like to try it out for yourself?  We have 50 FREE accounts to give away
courtesy of Clayton Stress.  
CLICK HERE for details!

But WHY does it work?

PTSD basically "rewires" or short circuits some parts of the brain (CLICK HERE to read an
article about how PTSD changes the brain).  Those changes trick a PTSD brain into
reacting to memories like they're happening NOW instead of like they're something that
happened in the past.  The Eye Movement Memory Processing (EMMP) used by Clayton
Stress basically resets those memories - it teaches your brain to not react as strongly to
those bad events.  

The longer explanation of EMMP from Clayton Stress is this:

Eye movement programs like EMMP decrease the vividness and negative emotions
associated with autobiographical memories, enhance the retrieval of episodic memories,
increase cognitive flexibility, and correlate with decreases in heart rate, skin conductance,
and an increased finger temperature.

During the processing phases of EMMP, the user focuses on the disturbing memory in
multiple brief sets of approximately 30 seconds while simultaneously focusing on the dual
attention stimuli. Following each set of such dual attention visual stimuli, the user refocuses
on the traumatic material which becomes the focus of the next set. This process of
alternating dual attention is repeated many times during the session.

EMMP brings negative emotions associated with painful memories and experiences into
awareness and helps the brain successfully process the experience; the memory remains,
but related negative feeling and thoughts are neutralized. EMMP sessions work very fast.
Processing even the most difficult memories can be achieved in a fraction of the time
needed for traditional therapy. Results from EMMP are lasting. Many users experience
relief after one session. More sessions may be needed for optimal results in particularly
disturbing memories.

My final thoughts about the program...

Is using Clayton Stress going to cure PTSD?  No.  But, in a world where PTSD symptoms
are often incredibly hard (if not impossible) to manage this is one HECK of a tool.  It can be
used from the privacy of your home, when you (or your veteran) is experiencing a moment
of extreme stress, to help calm the storm.  To me, that is incredibly valuable (and I wouldn't
be promoting it if it wasn't!).  Here's to making life easier one click and funny blinking light
at a time!

For more information, or to get started...

Visit our special Clayton Stress portal (which includes special pricing for you!) to get
started or to find out more about the program.  
Please make sure you use the link below
so that we get credit for your visit.

Also, by purchasing your Clayton Stress sessions through us, you're helping us earn
"scholarship" sessions for veterans or family members who cannot afford to pay for
sessions.  If you
truly cannot afford the program, please send an e-mail to info -at- to apply.

You can also read a recent blog post about the program by CLICKING HERE.
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