I'll start this section with a funny (or at least funny now) story about the "ah-hah!" moment
when it first dawned on me that there must be something other than normal "hubby
forgetfulness" going on with my dear husband.

Very soon after my husband returned from his last deployment, we headed to our
hometown for vacation.  We, along with most of my husband's large family, were supposed
to leave in the afternoon for a week at the beach.  I was under the impression that we didn't
have firm plans about when the group was leaving and was sort of taking my time about
getting all of our stuff packed, our daughter ready, etc.  Suddenly, my mother-in-law and
father-in-law showed up to see "what had happened" to us.  I knew they seemed
aggravated that we were "so late"... but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.  I
hurriedly packed and we all headed out.

A few days later I thought to ask about the incident, and found out that my mother-in-law
had told my husband at length that morning that everyone (4 separate car loads of people)
would meet us at a certain location at 12:30... so, when they came to find us at 1:45 (still
no where near ready), it made perfect sense that they were aggravated.

Long story short (or at least kind of short), my dear hero had
no memory of the
conversation... not just the details... but of the entire, lengthy exchange.  

If you're experiencing similar situations, here are the symptoms of TBI:

  • Headaches or neck pain that do not go away;
  • Difficulty remembering, concentrating, or making decisions;
  • Slowness in thinking, speaking, acting, or reading;
  • Getting lost or easily confused;
  • Feeling tired all of the time, having no energy or motivation;
  • Mood changes (feeling sad or angry for no reason);
  • Changes in sleep patterns (sleeping a lot more or having a hard time sleeping);
  • Light-headedness, dizziness, or loss of balance;
  • Urge to vomit (nausea);
  • Increased sensitivity to lights, sounds, or distractions;
  • Blurred vision or eyes that tire easily;
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste; and
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.

The following symptoms courtesy of an OIF Veteran's wife (and friend of FOV) who has a
blog called "The FYI on TBI".

  • Anxiety, nervousness
  • Difficulty controlling urges (disinhibition)
  • Impulsiveness
  • Inappropriate laughter
  • Irritability
  • Blurry or double vision (diplopia)
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating or thinking
  • Difficulty finding words or understanding the speech of others (aphasia)
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Incoordination of movements
  • Lightheadedness
  • Loss of balance; difficulty walking or sitting
  • Loss of memory
  • Muscle stiffness and/or spasms
  • Seizures
  • Sleep difficulties (more or less sleep than pre-injury)
  • Slurred and/or slowed speech
  • Tingling, numbness, pain, or other sensations
  • Sense of spinning (vertigo )
  • Weakness in one or more limbs, facial muscles, or on an entire side of the body

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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FamilyOfaVet - Real world info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat
FamilyOfaVet - Real World info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat.
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